So let’s talk about Adagio Teas and their customer service for a minute, okay?

Even though I’m not a tea drinker myself (maybe one day) I have a lot of friends who are and therefore I order tea from Adagio, usually as gifts.

I received my order of Christmas present-teas from them today, only to discover I had been given the wrong blend by mistake. I messaged them on tumblr and sat back with my fingers crossed that I’d get a reply in the next few days.

I had a reply within the next half hour. The next. Half. Hour.

When I inquired as to how to return the tea I’d gotten by mistake they said they wouldn’t want to inconvenience me any further and that my correct tea would be shipped tomorrow.

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to keep shopping with them.

The holiday season is a busy one for any company, especially one that deals with the kind of specialized orders Adagio does. Yet, even during what must be their busiest time of the year I got fast, polite, helpful, customer service that was completely focused on getting me the correct tea as soon as possible.

Four for you, Adagio teas. Four for you. Have a thumbs up from the Doctor.

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    Adagio is the actual shit.
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    Adagio is probably the best place to buy tea online. Outstanding quality, along with their great service.
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