A bit of advice please.

People who follow the fibro tag, I’ve heard a lot, as I’m sure you have too, that living a healthy lifestyle can go a long, long way to managing your pain.

I already know some of the things I can do - mainly stop drinking a disgusting amount of pop and try to eat more veggies and less chicken nuggets. I was wondering if anyone had any other tips? Or anything that you changed about your eating habits that made a big difference in managing your pain?

The same goes for exercising. It’s supposed to make a big difference but I’m having trouble thinking of exercises I could do. I can’t walk or stand very long, and the fog makes it hard to keep my concentration or even to get up and do something.

Edit: I know yoga’s a really popular suggestion for fibro patients, but unfortunately not one I can try. My doctor advised against it thanks to my hyper extended joints.

So, tl;dr, any tips on eating better or exercise as a way to manage your fibro pain?

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  1. love-isworthitall answered: mm I really really want to try Kale chips! Where do you find them? and How do you make yours?
  2. chronicillnessproblems answered: ohohoh! and i forgot when i reblogged, but could you try biking?
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